On Site Water Management



Welcome to Ecovie, your advanced water technology partner for on-site water management for commercial, institutional, and select residential applications.

At Ecovie, we see a world where decentralized water management, using smart technologies, can solve most of the water problems impacting human quality of life.

Ecovie was founded to solve on-site water scarcity and water quality problems, one building at a time, for a sustainable, safer, and healthier planet for everyone. We know that our water challenges are solvable and we drive technology development to be at the forefront in the areas of:

  • Grey water recycling
  • Rain water collection
  • Blackwater recycling
  • Storm water management

Ecovie provides engineering design and high performance equipment, including Aqualoop with commercial NSF 350 (C) certification for greywater.  We serve our clients with strong water management expertise for on-site water solutions.

Our engineering expertise covers two fronts that work in synergy to create superior systems that are easy to install, use and maintain, while keeping costs competitive.

  • We offer a high-quality products line for residential and commercial NSF350 (C).


  • Aqualoop – NSF 350 (C) certified greywater recycling. The only system with this certification. Gives high quality water with ultra-low maintenance.
  • Purain – The most efficient self-cleaning rainwater pre-filter
  • Rainmaster –Integrated Pump Systems – Simplex, Duplex, Triplex
  • Drainmax
    • Rainwater treatment skids – Custom for any application following latest standards.
    • Booster pump systems and components
    • Water Treatment
    • Tanks above and below ground, large & small, all types
  • We design tailored systems for on-site rainwater, greywater, storm-water and black water management needs.
    • Specifications
    • Design
    • Drawings
    • Analysis and Sizing
    • Commissioning

Please check out our products and pricing Also, please contact us for any design questions and if you are interested in becoming a regional distributor.


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