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Founder Bob Drew:

Bob’s passion for nature and water began during his formative years in Wisconsin. He grew up an avid swimmer, canoeist, kayaker, skier, and sailor in the water-abundant great lakes region. Along the way, he spent five and a half years as an engineer in a paper mill in of all places Southern California where water is of course quite scarce. Paper making uses copious amount of water, and Bob was in charge of running the water plant while optimizing paper production and quality. Through his conservation efforts, he was able to cut water usage in half while improving production and quality. The water savings of a million gallons a day was enough to supply 12,500 residents!

Bob has done other things in his career, such as designing new and improved products, optimizing products and processes in Latin America and Europe, and managing large engineering projects. His eye for innovation and his project management orientation are great assets to the design and installation of rainwater systems.

Bob holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Wisconsin and an MBA from UCLA. He is a professional accredited by the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. He is a former board member of ARCSA and also is president of SERHSA (Southeast Rainwater Harvest Systems Association).

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