AQUALOOP Gray Water Systems

AQUALOOP produces water that is bacteria and virus free with input water from household gray water, rainwater, surface water, groundwater, runoff water from wastewater treatment plants, or industrial wastewater! Recycle gray water from showers and laundry easily and economically with new water treatment technology. Use AQUALOOP gray water to irrigate, flush toilets, cooling tower make up, and run laundry, in a wide range of buildings:

nsf-logo-croppedNSF 350 Listing  – Click here for documentation and test results

NSF 350 Overview – Click here to find out more

Apartments and Condos – Click here for design considerations

Hotels – Click here for a case study

Single Family Homes – Click here for a case study

Laundry Facilities

AQUALOOP is certified at the commercial scale for NSF 350.  This means that greywater treated with the Aqualoop process is suitable for indoor use for applications like toilet flushing and laundry for all your needs from single family homes to large commercial applications.  It also means that Aqualoop treated water can be stored for extended periods and used for spray irrigation.  Unlike other processes which require greywater to be used within 24 hours and then only for subsurface drip irrigation, Aqualoop water is free to be used a much wider variety of applications.

How Does AQUALOOP Work? AQUALOOP Gray Water Treatment consists of 3 stages:

Pre-Filtration – For single household systems, a PURAIN filter screen removes contaminants such as hair and lint before water goes to the reactor tank. Click Here for more information.
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) – A bacteria support media with aeration controlled by the membrane station and blower to achieve optimal biological treatment. Click Here to find out more about the support media and Click Here for more on the membrane station.
Membrane Filtration-0.2 micron microfiltration removes contaminants with 6 log reduction of bacteria (99.9999%) and 99.7% virus removal.  Click Here for details.

UV disinfection can be added if your situation or local permitting require it. The advantages of AQUALOOP over other gray water treatment processes are many: AQUALOOP Benefits_edited-1 Aqualoop can be sized for any application, from single family residential to larger systems for multi-family developments and commercial laundry facilities. Sizing and potential annual water supply is shown in the table below: Aqualoop Sizing2 Big Aqualoop With an AQUALOOP system, a home using shower and laundry water can recycle for all toilet flushing and laundry uses with excellent financial returns. Adding rainwater as the primary water source can achieve full off the grid living with no lifestyle change!

aqualoop in basement

For larger applications such as hotel laundry facilities, the potential for high ROI and water savings make AQUALOOP an excellent business decision. Here are some resources about AQUALOOP: Brochure

CUT Sheet Residential System

CUT Sheet Membrane Station

CUT Sheet Membrane

British Standard Certification Data

Equipment Manuals

Full System

Membrane Station and Controller



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