Commercial Rainwater Systems

The physical building and other property from which you operate your business or institution can become even more of an asset than it is right now. By collecting the rainwater that falls on roofs and other hard surfaces (parking lots, sidewalks and others) and using it as your own water source all year long, square footage that once was idle now creates a positive impact on your bottom line


For new construction, rainwater collection can be part of your comprehensive water management program that controls storm water runoff and provides an on-site water supply for indoor use, too. Flushing toilets, doing laundry, washing vehicles and performing other maintenance tasks with collected, treated rainwater lower your annual water costs even further and results in less dependence (and drain) on municipal water overall.

Capturing and using tens of thousands of gallons of rainwater each year is very real and very strategic — businesses and institutions across the country are using rainwater systems right now that will last many years into the future. In many cases, rainwater collection is part of a larger sustainability program designed meet corporate objectives and to achieve LEED certification. Some great application of rainwater in commercial scale projects include:

Landscape Irrigation

Cooling Tower Make Up

Laundry Operations

Fleet Car Washing

Toilet Flushing

Our approach to commercial projects is:

  1. Provide a high level analysis of water supply potential to get an idea of ROI potential, free of charge. Click here to find out about some examples of high ROI commercial projects.
  2. Apply our superior product lines to develop a range of design alternatives, also free of charge. Click here to find outabout our commercial products.
  3. As required conduct detailed design, often working with MEP and civil engineering firms.
  4. Manage project as required from equipment delivery to final start up.

Contact us to get started with your rainwater project!

  1. Reduce your water expenses and your dependency on expensive municipal delivery systems
  2. Solve storm water runoff and erosion problems or problems with flooding
  3. Protect your landscaping investment from droughts and watering bans
  4. Provide chlorine-free, contaminant-free water for healthier landscaping, annuals, shrubs and shade trees
  5. Promote the beauty and enjoyment of your common exterior areas

ECOVIE works with site managers, business owners, architects, and engineering firms to provide specialized design and installation services for rainwater collection.