Corrugated Steel Tanks

Ecovie’s corrugated metal tanks are a popular choice, particularly for large commercial scale rainwater projects. The professional looking aesthetic fits well in many applications and a wide range of dimensions mean you will likely fit the tank into the required space.

Along with our tanks we include:
  1. Standard design drawings
  2. Installation instructions and support
  3. If desired, we can provide tank erection services and on-site support at a competitive price.


QCS Tank

Here is an example design for a 10,000 gallon tank in which we integrate our PURAIN filter, pumping, inlets and outlets in such a way that there are no external penetrations. This gives a very clean look and is part of our winterization design.


Here are a few examples of corrugated metal tanks to get an idea of how they look. The corrugated look fits well in many places where aethetics matter. If desired, the tanks can be clad in wood, stone, or brick.


Our most economical size are the 7 foot eave height sizes, but taller sizes are available as you will see in the full list above.

Tank Installation may be simpler than you think, with tank erection often taking a day or less