Engineering Design


If you have a commercial project or a residential project that requires expert engineering design with or without installation services, the ECOVIE design team can deliver a custom solution for you.

Whether it’s for a residential client or a large institutional one, ECOVIE approaches design in a way that matches the needs of the project.

Tilted Design Diagram

Along with our products comes standard design services included:

  1. A comprehensive system sizing analysis using local daily rainfall which will show the optimal tank size to meet project objectives and ROI.
  2. Right-sizing of greywater systems to meet capital budget and water management goals.
  3. Specification of system components and process flow.
  4. We have a library of standard design documents which can be used in the specification process.

If your project requires additional engineering support we can provide additional design services:

  1. We can conduct engineering feasibility studies and detailed design as part of your civil engineering or MEP team.
  2. We can develop detailed design documents specific to your project.
  3. We can attend on-site design meetings and site visits pre-construction.

Our main competitive advantage in design is specific know-how of the most up to date greywater recycling and rainwater collection equipment from irrigation to full drinking water solutions. The project engineering experience of founder Bob Drew in large commercial water treatment and other projects.

No two businesses are the same. From your geographical location to your building characteristics, property attributes, budget, corporate and sustainability objectives — your business is unique. ECOVIE understands this and approaches the design of your rainwater system with the kind of insight and systems expertise that only an experienced water management specialist can provide.

For ECOVIE, rainwater collection is not a side business or one of several engineering or construction services offered. On-site water management is our business. We have the extensive design and installation experience needed to deliver a superior, more reliable and long-term solution, all for a lower installed cost. Contact us today for a free analysis!