DROP Portable Eco-Hotel Goes Anywhere


After receiving several awards, an innovative design from In-terra Design is now being built and marketed by Urban Square.  The DROP portable eco-hotel goes anywhere a wheeled vehicle can go to offer guests first class accommodations in an environmentally friendly package. The idea is that this suite can be placed in any beautiful spot in the world, and then easily removed without any ecological damage from its presence. Its design draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature.

DROP Eco-Hotel provides luxurious accommodations in an ec0-friendly package.As reported in Forbes, the DROP eco-hotel is intended to meet the growing demand for eco-tourism around the world. It features sustainable architecture with a high degree of design.  Each unit has 275 square feet of space —  enough for a lounge area and a bedroom, as well as a separate bathroom with toilet, shower and bath. A wood terrace offers outdoor seating.

It is constructed from prefabricated wood and steel components. When installed, it is raised above the ground on steel legs to minimize its impact on the land. There is a thin film solar panel incorporated into the roof which provides off the grid electricity and a rainwater collection system that helps provide fresh water for the guests. A dramatic skylight runs the length of the structure to provide plenty of natural sunlight during the day and views of the moon and stars at night.

DROP Eco-Hotel provides luxurious accommodations in an ec0-friendly package.One design feature that is sure to capture the guests’ attention is the fully operable round windows on each end. They can be opened to bring guests into direct contact with nature, removing the barrier between indoors and outdoors and providing natural ventilation.

The In-terra website says the units can be safely installed in a wide variety of natural locations, from beaches and forests to hills and cliffs. If the setting permits, two or more can be installed at the same location, providing eco-friendly accommodations for several couples or even a large group.


Source: http://greenbuildingelements.com/2015/06/14/drop-portable-eco-hotel-goes-anywhere/

Photos by: IN-TERRA

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