The Ecovie Supertank meets or exceeds performance and value for money of any competitive solution. Check some of these impressive features:

  1. Design provides up to 100 year service life even in harsh conditions. See supporting data below.
  2. We offer a 30 year warranty on tank performance, exceeding competive products.
  3. Delivered and installed cost is significantly lower than competitive solutions. See explanation below.

For tank capacities of 10,000 and above, the SUPERTANK is the right choice for most project requiring undergraound storage.


The Ecovie SUPERTANKTM is made of corrugated galvanized steel and is coated with Dow TRENCHCOATTM polymer to achieve a water-tight, highly durable seal. The SUPERTANKTM has a long track record of successful rainwater installations. The SUPERTANK is manufactured by Water Reclamation Solutions with certified manufacturing in over 22 locations throughout the US, which means transportation costs are probably lower than with other tanks.


Ecovie warrants the SUPERTANKTM for 30 years which we believe exceeds any other commercial scale tank available. We are able to do this because of the track record of success with rainwater installations and supporting data from DOW on the Trenchcoat coating as well as a long term field studies by the American Iron and Steel Institute and CORRPRO.


When anchoring is required due to soil and groundwater conditions, the SUPERTANK uses an achoring system that is as reliable yet cheaper and easier to install than deadmen weights. Using helical soil anchors, up to 11,000 Lb. of restraining force can be achieved with each anchor. Ecovie can perform the achoring calculations to determine whether achoring is required and if so how many achors will be needed.



Helical Soil Anchor Installation

Installation and Overall Cost:

The SUPERTANK has installation advantages over other commercial scale underground tanks which include:

  1. In many cases native soil can be used for backfill and pea gravel is never required, unlike with fiberglass tanks. Cost savings for fill alone can be thousands of dollars.
  2. Delivered cost will vary, but should be in a range of $1.50 to $1.70 per gallon capacity. This is cheaper than fiberglass tanks as well.
  3. SUPERTANK can be buried deeper than any other tank available with at least 20′ possible. On the other side, minimum coverdepths are shown along with the arnge of tank sizes by clicking here.
  4. No special additions are required to achieve a highway load rating for H20 (common), HS25, or E80 (rail and aircraft.


By now, you are hopefully convinced to contact us to see if the SUPERTANK will fit your project. Here is a summary of all the advantages:

SUPERTANK Advantages

Here are some drawings showing more about the SUPERTANK: