Plastic Above Ground Tanks


Poly Tank

We chose Poly-Mart tanks for our product line because they come in many colors, are of high quality, and are designed with four shoulders on top of the tank.  This design allows easier installation because rainwater inlet, overflow, and delivery piping can all be on a separate part of the tank and the entry way is left open for access!

Check out all the colors!  Other manufacturers only offer industrial green and black. Poly-Mart tanks are geared for residential rainwater with a color that can match your needs and desires:

Large Poly Mart Colors

We list our most popular sizes. There are a wide range of other sizes. If you want a taller and skinnier tank of the same capacity, we probably have it! Please contact us for additional sizes, pricing and estimated shipping costs.

For rainwater systems below about 10,000 gallons, HDPE is the most economical solution in above ground storage.  We offer a wide range of above ground HDPE tanks for residential and light commercial applications.

HDPE Tank Pricing