H&P architects brings hanoi street life into tree-lined restaurant

Located in the center of hanoi, local practice H&P architects has completed the ‘cheering restaurant’ to mimic its surrounding street life. the interior references ancient trees, which are commonly found in this thousand year old city. a large wooden canopy defines the restaurant’s interior, helping it merge with the outside and create a continuous sense of flow from one dining space to the next.

The lattice of connected timber beams also delineates the scheme’s internal program, while simultaneously providing shade from the region’s hot sun. at the center of the canopy, a cooling layer of air is generated by a spraying system linked to the rainwater collection tank. the project seeks to establish a clear connection between the region’s contemporary and vernacular architecture, providing local residents with authentic vietnamese cuisine at the heart of the city’s dense urban fabric.

HP architects cheering restaurant designboom02
image © nguyen tien thanh

HP architects cheering restaurant designboom03
image © nguyen tien thanh

HP architects cheering restaurant designboom04
image © nguyen

Source: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/hp-architects-brings-hanoi-street-life-tree-restaurant-01-07-2015/

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