Indoor Potable


Ecovie has a long track record of successful potable rainwater installations.  With treatment and testing to assure quality, the use of rainwater for drinkable applications has been proven to be safe. In fact, rainwater can offer better water quality than using chlorinated city water!

Installing a system to deliver clean, treated rainwater for all indoor potable and non-potable uses is actually quite straightforward. It is merely necessary to hook into the incoming city water line with appropriate back flow prevention. This can be done on existing buildings which makes potable water use very attractive and accessible.  It is also relatively easy to upgrade your existing rainwater system to a potable system.

Our standard treatment regimen for potable systems is sediment filtration to 5 microns, UV disinfection to 40 mj/sq. cm., and carbon block filtration to 0.5 microns.  For commercial scale systems, we work with our treatment partners ATS to provide 3rd party certified treatment using a proven multi-barrier treatment with sediment filtration, charged membrane filtration and high intensity (186 MJ/sq. CM) UV.  Please click here to find out more about the multi-barrier treatment system.  Also, check out the specification language to put this system into your commercial scale project.  

The amount of indoor drinkable water used by a typical family of four is about half of their indoor consumption and 20-40% of total water consumption. This equals about 4,300 gallons per month and 52,000 gallons per year in a single family home.

A word on water quality.  Rainwater is free from many contaminants found in municipal water.  Most notably there is no chlorine or any of the trace contaminants which come from agricultural runoff and sewer discharge.  Click here to see a table comparing Atlanta City water with water from an ECOVIE potable rainwater system.

ECOVIE can design your rainwater system with drinking water capability and will work with your local authorities in the approval process.  In City of Atlanta, ECOVIE worked with the city to establish the potable rainwater ordinance which went into effect in 2011.