Installation Services

While ECOVIE provides engineering services and products nationwide, we maintain our installation business in the Atlanta area. Our goal in installation is to make the process as fast and efficient for you as possible while making sure each detail is attended to. Clients continually comment on the exemplary level of service they receive during installation and for a full year afterward, too — it’s included.

Here’s why you will like the way we install rainwater systems:

  1. We have extensive hands-on experience with a wide range of installations, from simple garden systems to large commercial projects.
  2. We have deep technical expertise that includes rainwater collection design and engineering, skill sets not typically available from businesses offering rainwater system installation as an add-on service.
  3. We pay meticulous attention to detail, including a written best practices policy and our proven ECOVIE checklist system
  4. We do system testing after installation to verify each component is working perfectly.
  5. We give you complete training so you fully understand how to operate your new rainwater system before we hand off the system.
  6. We warranty our work for one full year after installation
  7. We insist upon excellent communication throughout the process


For projects requiring installation outside the Metro Atlanta area, in many cases we can enlist our network of certified installers to bring your project to fruition.