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Aaron Vincellette always had a thing for clean cars.

“When I was younger I couldn’t wait to go through the carwash,” he says.

And years later, he never has to wait. He owns his own.

Eco Car Wash in Williston is a place where you can get an environmentally friendly car wash.

“Coming from a service background I always had to make sure that the things we had available to us were used to the nth degree,” he says.

After more than six years of development, Eco Car Wash opened late last spring.

“The building is pretty much totally recycled. All the green is made from decommissioned battleships. The glass, the polyacrylic roof on the building,” he says.

The roof is pretty special. It allows sunlight to come through so that the lights are rarely used. Plus that sunlight helps keep the building warm during the cold months.

Even more important…

“When mother nature gives us rain, we collect every single drop,” he says.

The roof is designed to collect rain and melted snow. The tanks at Eco Car Wash hold 5,000 gallons of water, or enough for about two weeks worth of washes.

“It goes into a tank and any sediment or dirt that comes down with the water, it settles into the tank,” he says.

After a little more filtering, the water is used in the car wash.

Most of that used water gets recycled over and over again until enough new rainwater comes into the system to push some of the used water out.

Vincelette says that this process offers an advantage:

“The difference here is that the water isn’t pre treated, so it doesn’t have to use town’s water treatment plant to actually get the water here; so I’m not using their resources,” he says.

According to Vincelette, most of us use about 150 gallons of water washing a car at home. Eco Car Wash uses 12 gallons.

Vincelette does his best to keep those 12 gallons as eco-friendly as possible.

“So all the soaps we have here are biodegradable, EPA approves, and no phosphates or anything like that,” he says.

At the end of a wash, there’s a series of 10 dryers to go through. And they use less electricity.

“When a car is not underneath a particular dryer it closes the fan so it stops the draw on the air coming through, preventing it from having to work so hard,” he says.

A new twist on Vincellette’s favorite childhood carwash.

“I’m very proud of this facility,” he says.

A basic wash will run you $8, ranging up to $21 for a top-end wash.



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