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For residential and light commercial applications, we offer the Intewa RAINMASTER series of pumps.  With complete controls, monitoring, and backflow prevention, these are full pumping systems. More…


Intewa RAINMASTER pump systems all-in-one systems are designed for mounting in basements, utility rooms and garages with all necessary controls built in so you do not need to install and calibrate everything separately:

  1. The pump draws water from the rainwater or graywater tank.
  2. A built in controller has on/off demands and run dry protection for the pump.
  3. Municipal water back up includes backflow prevention required for permitting in many cases.
  4. An expansion tank is built into the system.

There are two ranges of RAINMASTER sizes with the ECO 10 and 14 for light indoor residential, highly energy efficient applications.  The best applications are for toilet flushing and laundry.

The RAINMASTER FAVORIT 20 and 40 are for larger projects and can be used for outdoor irrigation as well as indoor uses.

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