REMI Announces Top Three Tips For Going Green

Tobias Nergarden, founder and CEO of the Real Estate Marketing Insider, announced that the journal had released this week’s edition of its weekly “Top 3” feature. This week’s feature was inspired by an editorial in the Real Estate Weekly and gives homeowners advice on how to help their property “go green,” and possibly increase their home’s value.

Steven J. Schleider, president of Metropolitan Valuation Services and an expert in LEED certification penned an op-ed for Real Estate Weekly detailing some of the ways in which commercial properties can go green. He testified on his own experience that environmental certification can work actively to increase property value. Schleider stated his belief that green certification and outfitting is the right thing for businesses to do, and that it is inevitable that non-green properties will encounter difficulties with lending and underwriting, that properties with environmentally-friendly modifications can avoid.

While homeowners may not have to abide by the same green standards as commercial and office properties, it is still a good idea to optimize residences for energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and other green considerations. Green homes can appeal more easily to buyers, lower financing and insurance costs, and have substantially lower utility bills. Furthermore, should homeowners decide to sell at a later time, branding in real estate can be easier for green and environmentally-conscious properties. Given these numerous benefits, Mr. Nergarden released three easy tips for homeowners to help make their homes green:

  • Window Insulation. Weather stripping and window insulation can help lower a home’s heating bills without having to replace its built-in insulation. What’s more, it is often a cheap, do-it-yourself process.
  • Solar paneling. Once considered a costly and complex home addition, adding solar paneling to existing wiring is becoming easier and more cost effective. Though it’s not quite a do-it-yourself procedure yet, adding a solar component to a property grid can lower energy costs and help raise a home’s value.
  • Functional landscaping. Consider adding a vegetable garden or wildlife-resistant plants to a landscaping scheme. They can help cut food costs, pesticide use, and can even be attractive additions for prospective buyers.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider’s Tobias Nergarden released the Insider’s weekly Top 3 feature. This week’s feature detailed three easy ways for homeowners to help their property go green, which can help lower costs of homeownership and make properties more valuable.


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