Residential Rainwater Collection

Your home truly is your castle. It shelters you and your family, provides a place for you to entertain and relax, reflects who you are to visitors, welcomes you after a long day, and gives you a sense of pride and comfort that’s unmatched by any other single possession.

It can also give you something quite tangible: water!

When you capture the rain that falls on your roof (and other hard surfaces on your property) and use it to care for your garden, landscaping, household maintenance and even your drinking water, you are choosing to make the most of your home while also caring for the environment. You reduce your water bills and water supply dependence, improve the health of your garden and plants by using cleaner water to nourish them, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a more sustainable, self reliant lifestyle.

ECOVIE makes it easy for you to capture water from your property. We offer a wide range of solutions for homes, including the ECOVIE Garden System, ECOVIE Irrigation Rainwater System and ECOVIE Indoor Rainwater System.  There are several ways we can help you make your desire for a rainwater system become a reailty:

garden system
  1. We can provide you with all the design plans, instructions and equipment to install your rainwater system anywhere in the USA. Do-it-yourselfers and local installers like to go this route. Here is a good example of how this works.
  2. If you are a design professional youself, you can buy our superior products for your installation.
  3. If you live in the Atlanta area, we can do the full project from start to finish, including installation as we have been doing since 2009.

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Residential Benefits