Residential Projects

Here are some good examples of smaller scale projects we have done for residential clients and others. Please click on each item to see a detailed descriptions and photos of each project:

  1. This residential project in East Lake, Georgia uses a 1,700 gallon underground system that reduces stormwater runoff while simultaneasly collecting water! Click Here
  2. This project in Candler Park, Georgia uses a 2,500 gallon system for koi pond top-off and irrigation management. The residents are seriously considering an uprgade to a full on potable system as well! Click Here
    pur 5 - Copy
  3. This Atlanta home uses rainwater collection to prevent flooding on their lot while keeping their lawn looking great. The system overflow is channeled to a new rain garden. Click Here
    newman 2
  4. This fully potable 3,400 gallon system for a residence in Greater Atlanta supplies the home with 49,000 gallons of rainwater annually for indoor and outdoor usage. Click Here
    Stouffer 1
  5. St. Croix- Click Here to find out about the installation of a state of the art potable rainwater system with desalination back up on the Island of St. Croix.
    St. Croix
  6. Click Here to find out more about Ecovie’s 3,500 gallon stormwater management and rainwater collection system at a residential site in Atlanta!
  7. Vinalhaven, Maine – Click Here to find out more about this do-it-yourself potable water project Ecovie designed.