A Malibu, California restaurant has saved millions while protecting the environment through smart land use and a water management tool.

As Storm Water Solutions reports, the Nobu streetscape integrates a Modular Wetland Systems’ MWS-Linear: a stormwater biofilter that removes pollutants by replicating natural processes. Pollutants include fine total suspended solids, bacteria, oils and grease, heavy metals, and harmful nutrients like nitrate and phosphorus.

The MWS-L is prefabricated and incorporates screening, hydrodynamic separation, sorbtive media filtration and bioretention into one stormwater system.

The size of the system saves Nobu money, too, Storm Water Solutions reports. The MWS-L is submerged and takes up 63 square feet of parking lot space, compared to a conventional bioretention system, which occupies an average of 1,795 square feet of space per impervious acre.

This is important in Malibu, where, at $200,000 per square foot of beachfront property, the value of the Nobu parking lot is about $30 million. So by installing a Modular Wetlands System instead of a conventional bioretention system, the restaurant saved $1.7 million, plus restaurant-guest revenue for each of the eight saved parking spaces, each worth $320,000 in revenue, putting its total saved revenue at $2.56 million.

The MWS-L also costs less to install and maintain than a traditional bioretention system: $29,755 compared to $52,000, the publication reports.

Earlier this year ASTM International proposed a new international standard that will offer a means to reduce the impact of contaminated stormwater entering local drains.

Source: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2014/12/05/stormwater-management-tool-saves-restaurant-millions/

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