Water Treatment and Controls


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Many rainwater systems require some form of water treatment after the tank to meet permitting requirements for non-potable applications and to assure safe potable water for drinking water application. While our main expertise is in designing the full treatment and control systems for these applications, we do offer a range of treatment units which we feel represent the best in class for their particulat applications.





UV Pure Upstream TM 15-50 – 15 GPM rating (many other sizes available).  We use this unit primarily for skid mounted commercial applications and some parger residential potable systems.  Contact us for sizing and pricing. More…

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UV Pure Cactus TM 8 and 12 – 8 GPM and 12 GPM rating.  A great choice for residential potable systems and small commercial, the Catus line of products offers UV Pures, Crossfire technology at an affordable price.  Contact us for sizing and pricing.  More….

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Orival Sediment Filtration – With automatic back washing, a wide range of sizes, and filtration from 100 to 10 microns, Orival filters are one of the best performing commercial scale filters available  Contact us for sizing and pricing.  More…

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The Rain-Tal SDF disk filter is superior to standard cartridge filters because there are no cartridges to change!  With their semi-automatic back flush, the filters can be cleaned in seconds.  These have been our “go to” filter for residential potable systems for years for 20 micron to 5 micron sediment filtration.  Comes in 1″ NPT size for residential scale applications and 2″ NPT for larger projects.  Contact us for sizing and pricing.