Completely Crazy – Why flush your toilet with treated municipal water when you can use untreated rainwater which far exceeds the water quality needs for this application?


Intewa PURAIN Filter video – The jump filter provides superior capture at typical rainfall rates and superior cleaning on heavy rainfall.


Intewa AQUALOOP water treatment technology for gray water, rainwater, wastewater, and groundwater.


The Rainmaster ECO is the right coice for residential indoor rainwater and gray water applications providing all water supply functions in one unit with the lowest possible energy consumption.


Intewa RAINMASTER series pumping systems provide all necessary controls for residential and small commercial applications.


Intewa DRAINMAX stormwater management devices are a great choice for managing rainwater tank overflow.


Founder Bob Drew appears on TrustDale TV to talk about residential rainwater for water supply and stormwater management.


Founder Bob Drew showing off the rainwater system Ecovie installed at Turner Field, current home of the Atlanta Braves!


Find out the benefits of rainwater collection for residential and small commercial applications.


Rainwater system overview and installation.


Overview of rainwater collection equipment in a typical rainwater collection system.


Part 1 – Ecovie Overview


Part 2- Ecovie Overview