Why Ecovie?

You may be thinking that this note will have to do with a lot of reasons why YOU should be working with Ecovie for water management.  It is not.  This note is about why ECOVIE does what it does and what it believes.  If you believe the same thing we do, then we definitely want to work with you!

Stated simply, we believe that the world’s water supply and water quality problems, while big and growing, are definitely solvable.  If we collectively realize that the problem needs solving and then put our heads to together to improve, then we need not worry about not having enough clean, fresh water for ourselves or our surroundings.

We believe in a world where there is no shortage of clean water for people and their surroundings….

This is why we have gravitated to water management solutions that help us increase fresh water supply and help keep our waterways cleaner.  With our collective technical and business know-how we could have been drawn to any number of business ideas and things to be passionate about.  Water management is “the one” because we truly believe we can be part of the solution and a better world is within our reach.

We are looking for people that believe what we believe as we expand our reach nationwide across the USA.  Over the last 7 years we have gained a wide network of contacts, collaborators, and friends.  We have worked on a potable rainwater ordinance in Atlanta and have designed and installed rainwater and greywater systems accross the USA.  Our project portfolio showcases how our clients have implemented rainwater collection as a stormwater tool and water supply to improve water quality and their bottom lines.

Our quest is to expand our engineering design services and equipment supply sales of differentiated water management solutions throughout the USA.  We are doing this to reach more people and thus make a bigger impact to reach our vision of obliterating water challenges around the world.  The way we are doing this is to build a network of like minded business and technical professionals around the USA who will evangelize our rainwater collection, graywater recycling, and on site stormwater management vision for all new commercial and residential buildings and many retrofits.  They will bring their own extensive experience along with ours to implement water management systems that work.  Thankfully, we have found no shortage of people interested and capable in reaching out to find fits of our technology and differentiated products with a wide variety of water management needs.  We have managed to cover around a third of the US population with our technical representative sales model, which is ever expanding.  We are bringing our advanced rainwater and gray water equipment to places where water is becoming scarce like California and applying our water management solutions from Key West to Baltimore, with a couple other very important areas in between too.  Our goal is to first cover areas of the country with the highest water management needs and with sales representatives who believe what we believe.

ECOVIE designs innovative water management systems for rain water collection, storm water management, and gray water recycling…..

We seek to continue this expansion to the areas of the US which would most benefit from our know-how, differentiated products, and professionalism.  Please contact us at info@ecovieenvironmental.com to find out more.

1.  Ecovie is the exclusive US supplier of Intewa rainwater, stormwater, and graywater products.  See us.intewa.net.

  • PURAIN Pre-Filters – Every experienced rainwater professional knows that a well performing pre-filter is essential to a well operating rainwater system. The PURAIN design meets ASPE filtration standards while offering true self cleaning (i.e. minimal maintenance) with higher water capture efficiency than other self cleaning pre-filters on the market.  See  http://bit.ly/1yyiGKW


  • AQUALOOP Graywater Systems – With NSF 350 certification at the commercial (C) level, Aqualoop technology is poised to make graywater recycling more and more feasible.  Being the very first and so far only NSF 350 (C) certified system means we are the go to people for clients who want the best treatment and who want an easy permitting process.  The fluidized bed and ultrafiltration MBR technology combine to achieve a 6 log bacteria reduction (99.9999%) making treated shower and laundry water suitable for storage unlike simple graywater systems in which water must be used within 24 hours.  Aqualoop treated graywater is also suitable for broadcast irrigation and is not relegated to subsurface drip. http://bit.ly/1uBewzh


  • RAINMASTER Pumping Systems – An all-in-one residential scale system incorporates city water back up, pump controls, and backflow prevention in one quiet unit.  http://ecovieenvironmental.com/pumps/

 Rainmaster Slider 1200

  • DRAINMAX Stormwater Management – Our main application of Drainmax is for rainwater tank overflow for infiltration although Drainmax has a specialty application for infiltration in places without a lot of real estate.  http://bit.ly/1DZQlxx

 Drainmax Slider


2.  Services – With our entire product line comes a range of design and installation expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry.  We will be developing automated design guides and drawing libraries as reference for developing your own proposals, specifications, and submittals.

Please see our revamped website at www.ecovierain.com and contact us with any questions or inquiries.  We look forward to working with you to solve the world’s water issues!



Bob Drew

President Ecovie




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